Machine Learning Engineering | Python | SQL

Data Scientist I Health & Wellness I Amsterdam I Salary up to €70K

Machine Learning I Scalable Data Products I Analytics team


This organization was found 37 years ago, originally it started as Life Insurance Consultancy. They see a strong shift and chances in the insurancetech domain. The organization has a goal to deliver scalable products to it’s clients, for example an app.

One of the examples is a health app that tracks your daily steps, resting heartrate, active calories etc. This insurance companies can provide this to their users, by gamifiacation and a financial incentive people can be motived to live a healtier life. The insurance company will also insure a more healthy population.

The organization is receiving a lot of information, so really interesting analysis can be done, for example the impact on life expectancy. Because this will only get more and more, the organization is looking for another Data Scientist.

The culture is really diverse and inclusive, a lot of different nationalities can be found in the organization


In total there are 230 people working for the organization, spread over France, Singapore, Amsterdam and more, 18 countries in total. The team in Amsterdam consists of 20 people. The office will move to another location next week, close to Amsterdam Central Station.

As a Data Scientist you will work together with different teams: the Development team, the Data Science team focussing on consultancy, Data Visualisation team. You will work closely with the current Data Scientist, in the future this will become a Data Analytics team with 2/3 other Data Scientists/Analysts.


This new team will focus on in-house data, building scalable data products. There is a great technical challenge that focusses on healthier lifestyles. If you have the ambition to grow into a leadership role, this could be your chance! But also if you want to work more hands-on, you can join this company.

You will do project management, coordinate global activities across the Data teams and clients.

They are looking for:
  • 2+ years of experience with visualisation tools, SQL, Python;
  • Experience with building Machine Learning models;
  • Experience with consultancy, business or data analytics;
  • A colleague who is living in the Netherlands;
  • English communication skills
They are offering:
  • Salary range from €4.200 – €5.400 per month;
  • 8% holiday allowance;
  • 25 holidays;
  • 12 months contract;
  • 40/36 hours per week;
  • Bonus;
  • Pension plan;
  • €500 health care allowance per year;
  • Hybrid working: 2/3 days per week at the office;
  • Travel expenses are covered;
  • Laptop;
  • Trainingsbudget

If you are interested in these (or another data-related) positions, please don’t hesitate to send me an email to: britt@clusterdata.nl or give me a call at 06 82 22 23 84. If you add your CV, I can have a look and give you a call back!


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