Data Science

Data Scientist | Vegetable Breeding Organization | Salary to €65K


This organisation develops new vegetables all over the world. It is very likely that you’ll find their products (cucumbers, sweet peppers, tomatoes) on your plate. They produce and sell the seeds of the vegetables all over the world. The last couple of years this organisation has become more innovative. As a result of collaboration between technology, laboratories, the breeding process is shorter than in the past.

. They invest more than 30% of their turnover in research to broaden and develop their knowledge, which will pay off in a constant flow of innovations. Therefore, this organization becomes more data driven.


You will work together with Data Scientists, Machine Learning Engineers and Bioinformaticans. You collaborate with the Data Engineers to get the data and talk with the breeders to talk about the outcomes. The team works in an agile way. This organisation has a flat structure and short communication lines. Ideas are valuated in a way that you can win an innovation award.


As a Data Scientist you will get the chance to work on plant genetics for a good objective. It is up to you to come with clever insights to create algorithms that enable the breeders to develop new varieties of vegetables. Your day-to-day work will require to apply state of the art techniques like Deep Learning and Computer Vision. Moreoverr you translate solutions into to help the breeders in the decision making process. With the insights you think about how to visualize them in PowerBI or R Shiny dashboards.


  • Have a minimum of 3 years of relevant working experience within the data domain. You know ML theory and have produced self-learning data science application before;
  • Like to tell a story consisting of data and the latest AI technology. You want to have an impact on the bottom line of organisations by creating awareness and understanding at your stakeholders;
  • Are a team player and like to work together with others. Your communications skills in combinations with your problem-solving skills improve the overall quality of the team;
  • Are familiar with ML libraries (like scikit-learn, caret, e1071) and frameworks (like Keras or PyTorch). Proficiency in Python or R is a must;
  • Like data visualisation. You can translate data and insights to your stakeholders through apps or dashboards like Power BI or R Shiny;
  • Having experience in the breeding domain is a plus;
  • Experience with distributed programming using (Py)Spark is also a plus;
  • Are currently living in the Netherlands.

They are offering a lot of options to develop yourself: training, coaching. If you have the ambition to grow into a leadership role, they will also stimulate you in this.


  • Salary to €65K;
  • 40 / 36 / 32 hours;
  • 26 holidays;
  • 8% holiday allowance;
  • Motivated data-driven organization;
  • Flexible working from home.


If you are interested in these (or another data-related) positions, please don’t hesitate to send me an email to: bo@clusterdata.nl of give me a call at 06 82 44 92 34. If you add your latest CV, I can have a look and give you a call back!




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